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Digiknots’s partnerships with leading application vendors give enterprise clients access to expertise that builds competitive advantage quickly. Our core ERP implementation practices include SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft and J.D. Edwards. We offer ERP consulting across functionalboundaries including Logistics, Finance, Costing, and Human Capital Management among others.  Implementing complex software package suites can be the most complex and the most risky endeavor undertaken by a company. This is primarily due to the fact that the effort touches, perhaps drastically affect almost every business process within the enterprise. Change on such a scale can intimidate personnel, who fear for their places within the organization, and who may sabotage efforts. Even in highly cooperative environments, such fundamental change is difficult to accomplish. The remainder of this Overview discusses major categories of risk attendant to complex package implementation, technical and political, techniques and actions available to a management team to minimize and manage the risks. Following the Overview is a set of phases required to actually introduce fully functioning suites into an organization. In each phase, major activities, deliverables and required actions are discussed, along with the risks and some available remedial options relevant to the phase. The major categories of risk are as follows:

• Complexity
• Change
• Software Modification
• Participation of Your People
• Effective Sponsorship/Organizational Stability
• Legacy Systems Enhancement.

Digiknots ERP solutions will make a difference in your business.

Digiknots ERP solutions will make a difference in your business. Digiknots ERP Solutions is what you need to achieve manufacturing excellence. No other ERP Company offers the breadth and depth of support for order-driven, project-based discrete manufacturing. From make-to-stock to engineer-to-order and from flow line technology to lean manufacturing, it covers all your requirements. Full product life cycle management enables you to elevate customer service levels from order acquisition through manufacturing and subsequent service and maintenance. Digiknots ERP Solutions helps companies like yours: > Increase user productivity > Improve operational efficiency > Gain better control of processes > Improve communication and collaboration > Enhance performance and scalability > Leverage IT infrastructure and information assets > Reduce costs

Digiknots ERP Solutions helps companies like yours:
 > Increase user productivity 
> Improve operational efficiency 
> Gain better control of processes 
> Improve communication and collaboration 
> Enhance performance and scalability 
> Leverage IT infrastructure and information assets 
> Reduce costs
Digiknots ERP delivers comprehensive support for discrete manufacturing operations, extending the traditional ERP footprint of finance, sales, purchasing, and manufacturing into freight management, warehouse management, and after-market service support. It’s easy to implement, easy to own — and most importantly — easy to adapt to changing environments, with a dynamic enterprise modeler that enables business processes to be recorded in the system and fully integrated components that allow changes to be reflected immediately in user roles. Digiknots ERP Solution runs on a wide variety of platforms, from low-cost Linux /MySQL to multi-CPU, multi-tier data centers, providing further flexibility.