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Pricing per person

No setup fees or cancelling fee
One week Trial : 500 USD
Monthly rate: $2000

Working hours

We assure you 180 billable hours per month
Work timings: 10.30 to 18.00 (IST)
Holidays: Saturday, Sunday and Indian national holidays.
Your Cost Outlay for a Digiknots dedicated programmer

Average Productive Hours per day 8
Average Productive Hours per week 40
Average Number of working days each month 22-26
Average total number of hours per month 180
Net Monthly cost per programmer $2000 USD
Potential Saving = 70+% !

Note! This could increase profitability of your project by 65- 80%!
How do we bill for our dedicated services?
The dedicated person / team is assigned to you for a specific time period from 3 to 6 months
Each individual delivers 180 productive hours a week at the agreed cost
The work is carried on between 10:30 AM - 7.30 PM at our development centre in India
If for some reason the programmer cannot complete the required number of hours then the bill is reduced in direct proportion to the reduction of hours, i.e. 100 hours out of 200 hours worked = 50%, therefore bill for that week is 50% of usual amount.
If the number of work days is more than 24 for any given month then the billing remains the same i.e. if you get 26 work days between 1 - 31 of any month then you enjoy the remaining 2 days totally free.
The notice period before termination of service or any individual employee has to be 15 days otherwise the billing for the whole month will be incurred.
Typical rates for a dedicated programmer are:
  Role Hours per Month Contract Duration Price (USD)
  Advanced Java Programmer 180 3 - 6 Months 2000/Month
  ASP / PHP Programmer 180 3 - 6 Months 2000/Month
  ASP.NET Programmer 180 3 - 6 Months 2000/Month
  Project Manager 180 3 - 9 Months 4000/Month
  Web Designer 180 3 - 6 Months 1500/Month
  HTML Programmer 180 3 - 6 Months 1000/Month
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