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User Exeperience

User Experience is the key interface.

Digiknots evaluates, customizes and develops a User-Experience Model following an iterative and incremental approach to the development of the user experience. The User-Experience Model helps Digiknots to identify and characterize the initial user experience that will be incorporated into the first implementation, and revised through to the final deployment. There are numerous advantages for modeling the user experience, some of which are described below:
  • Meticulously and explicitly illustrates elements of the User-Experience.
  • Helps to identify goals and tasks of the user and how they are interrelated.
  • Categorizes the subject matter and what the user needs to accomplish in the user interface.
  • Encapsulates the fundamental nature of the architecturally significant User-Experience Elements.
  • Offers an appropriate view of the elements to the Designers, Implementers and Software Architects responsible for the rest of the system.
  • Provides a static and dynamic view of the user interface element relationships.

The user-interface design decisions typically are made during prototyping and development of the user interface itself. Developing a User-Experience Model offers many rewards with regards to normal and proficient use of the system.

Utilize Digiknots’s user experience professionals to employ the requirements discipline to ensure issues such as, accessibility, usability, user requirements specific to the user experience and best practices are fully integrated and considered. We follow a methodology that has proven successful in every project we have managed. Our consultants are experts at soliciting not just the right requirements but all of the requirements that you need.
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