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Supply Chain Execution


Digiknots is committed to helping you build effective supply chains that enable them to adapt innovatively to changing conditions, seize opportunities and achieve high performance.

In the twenty-first century your customers are global, and so are your suppliers—and many of your suppliers’ suppliers. Your customers are not only in more places, they’re also more knowledgeable, more demanding, and using more channels to do business with you than ever before. We, at Digiknots, were quick to realize this trend and are now focused on bringing together a GLOBAL SCM system, which supports a variety of systems that support a wider supply chain.

In a business where supply chain could be the only truly sustainable competitive advantage, your supply chain determines your reactive agility and your proactive momentum, your cost of materials and efficiency of operations, the quality and consistency of your goods and services, and your ability to provide value-added services and meet unique customer needs.

Research has shown that companies with well-managed, innovative, relationship-focused, procurement practices outperform other companies in financial terms (total shareholder return, return on equity, return on assets, cash flow and return on investment, EVA, reduction in working capital) and in productivity terms (sales per employee, income per employee and real growth in sales).

In most manufacturing companies, purchased materials account for at least 50% of cost of goods sold (COGS). So it stands to reason that procurement-savvy businesses generally are more successful. Consider a company whose purchased materials comprise 55 percent of COGS: A mere 1 percent reduction in that figure will produce approximately the same margin lift as a 12 to 15 percent rise in sales growth.

We work with clients across a broad range of industries to master innovative operating models that support business strategies and enhance revenue; reduce cost; and improve asset productivity and customer service. We also deliver innovative solutions such as supply chain and procurement outsourcing; service parts management and radio frequency identification (RFID) technologies.


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