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Having problems managing an Iterative Process? The software development lifecycle is a series of iterations, from beginning to end.

Project Management can be an overwhelming task on any size project and even more daunting if stepping out of your normal mode and into a world of managing an iterative project for the first time. Project Managers are key people in any project and the focal point of upper management, ensuring all participants understand their role, and the goals of the project.

The following list provides an understanding of the steps involved to initiate a new project or revamp a project that has gone off the tracks:

Estimation and Vision:
  • Define the Stakeholders View of the Product to be Created
  • Outline core Requirements
  • Time Management and Scheduling
  • Describe the Product
  • Define the Business Case and Perspective
  • Define the Product Goals
  • Develop the Financial Forecast
  • Describe the Project Limitations
  • Describe Options


  • Quality Assurance Plan
  • Scope Management
  • Risk Management Plan
  • Measurement Plan
  • Product Acceptance Plan
  • Problem Resolution Plan


  • Scope Management
  • Issue Resolution
  • Measurement Planning
  • Risk Management

Digiknots will help you create an initial Vision, where financials and risks can be assessed, develop or expand on your Business Case and help define what needs to be controlled. Digiknots consists of the most experienced and successful consultants in the business today. We are called upon to teach iterative project management practices and techniques. We can help you understand, plan and lead your project and will work side by side with you until you are on track and able to fend for yourself.
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