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Digiknots active technical leadership includes charter membership in the Java Servlet API JavaServer Pages (JSP) and SAP Expert Groups as part of Sun's Java Community Process.

ESRI ArcIMS, ArcIMS revolutionizes the way users can access and interact with Internet mapping and GIS data by delivering distributed GIS to the desktop.

Digiknots, through its BlueDragon, ServletExec, JTurbo product lines, offers broad-ranging support for Microsoft operating systems, web servers, database servers and the .NET Framework.
As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Digiknots underscores its commitment to supporting the most prevalent operating system

in the world. As a Certified for Windows Server 2003 product, BlueDragon earns endorsement for business-critical applications by analysts and enterprise customers alike because it verifies features that make applications more robust and manageable.


As an IBM Business Partner, Digiknots is verifying that BlueDragon is fully compatible with the various operating systems running on IBM's xSeries, iSeries, zSeries and pSeries machines. Look for Digiknots to be an "Advanced" or "Optimized" Business Partner very soon!

Digiknots is a member of the Sun Microsystems iForce Partner Program. All Digiknots products, including BlueDragon, ServletExec and JTurbo, support the Sun Java J2EE platform.

BlueDragon is "Built for Mac OS X" providing the Apple development community the power and robust features of the CFML language on the platform that they love. Digiknots again reinforces their commitment to giving their customers a variety of choices.


As a "Red Hat Ready" Partner, Digiknots has committed to support Red Hat's Enterprise strategy through certification and support of BlueDragon, ServletExec and JTurbo on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.


In 2004, JBoss became the number one provider of production Java Application Servers in the world. Digiknots recognized the need to assure full support for BlueDragon on this popular App Server.


Oracle Corporation is the world's leading supplier of software for information management and world's second largest independent software company. Digiknots is Oracle partner programme member and implements Oracle based solution to its customers in finance and banking, commercial and government, and Public Sector segments.


As the global leader in business technology optimization BTO mercury understands the IT challenges and business demands facing enterprises today.That's why we have formed strong patnerships with hundreds of leading vendors including systems integrators, IT consulting organisation and enterprise software

and hardware provides these best of breed patners help extend our BTO offerings to business and government around the globe

Why to Become a Partner?

Partnering with Digiknots gives companies an opportunity to add seamless web enable based solutions to their core product or service.
The goal of the Digiknots Partner program is to create mutually beneficial alliances with leading technology companies, independent software vendors and system integrators, so that our customers can quickly realize the benefits of web-enabling server-side technologies.
At Digiknots, partners are a key component of our success, and to the success of our customers and their business objectives. Meaningful partnerships provide quantifiable benefits to all parties involved, but they also require an investment of time. Digiknots is investing in dedicated staff, training, and support to ensure long term, sustainable partnerships.
Original partnering ideas that suit your specific need are always welcome at Digiknots, as we work with our partners in finding creative ways of meeting your customers' needs.

Top Three Reasons to partner with Digiknots:

1. Quality
The final quality of your product or solution depends heavily on the quality and reliability of its underlying components. By web-enabling your solution with ServletExec, BlueDragon or JTurbo, you'll be leveraging technology deployed in thousands of products and websites worldwide.

2. Dependability
Your customers need more than a quality product. They demand that a solid company stand behind it. By partnering with Digiknots, you'll have access to experienced people and proven programs focused on helping you support the ongoing needs of your customers.

3. Flexibility
No single partner plan can encompass nor anticipate every potential business model. But by creating a partner philosophy and strategy based on flexibility, we can work with you to build a plan that complements and aligns with your key business objectives.

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