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What is Video Branding?

Video branding is an interactive form of advertising to get people to stop, look at and listen to a short introductory message about your business combining live action, advanced motion graphics and animation techniques. Your products, services, even you as a person can be branded on the Internet using Video branding. It helps in creating a great brand identity that represents the values in a way that it is uniquely memorable for consumers.
Corporate Videos are an exciting way to showcase your products and services and to introduce your organization, its philosophy, people and processes to potential customers.

Why Video branding?

Due to broadband development world wide these days net users watch video more than the normal websites. You tube is the best example of taking a dominance on the web in a short span of time. 99.99% of the customers are individuals and corporates. It has now become a trend to use videos in social networking sites which are now a competitor to You tube, Metaface etc.

Benefits of video branding and broadcasting
  • You can show your product features in an elaborate manner, your infrastructure, your processes and all the other value added features which require visibility and help in making your consumers rely on you.
  • Videos create impact which the usual websites cannot. Also the confidence and brand loyalty increases watching a video.
  • No fear of piracy, stealing of content, copying etc.
  • Through videos you can ensure that your company message is delivered clearly, concisely and consistently. You will also hold your customer’s attention in a way that other methods fail to do, boasting up to 70% memory retention over other media.
  • A well executed corporate marketing video production can help crystallize your competitive edge in the minds of potential customers as well as the existing consumers.


For any information on Branding please mail us at digiknots@gmail.com

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