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SAP Mobility for Enterprises

A recognized leader in the enterprise mobile SAP market, Digiknots  proven expertise with SAP NetWeaver Mobile technology encompasses Mobile Infrastructure, Sybase SUP Platform include successful POC at clients. We have made more customers successful than anyone else

  • Digiknots starts its relationship with Sybase
  • Digiknots acquires a Mobility focused product development company with over 120 successful telecom projects.
  • Digiknots starts developing a business case for SAP Mobility platforms at low cost

Enterprise Mobility

By delivering real-time, relevant information at the point of need, Digiknots mobile solutions improve employee productivity, increase operational efficiency, enhance on-the-job knowledge, create new revenue opportunities, and improve customer satisfaction.

Digiknots mobility solutions encompass offerings on a range of back-end systems (SAP, Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, and Legacy backend systems), variety of mobile devices, industry-leading middleware, and rich set of rapid application frameworks.

Mobile Development

Mobile Applications Development is not just a technology problem. It deserves equal attention to diversity of devices, network, nature of business case (use-case), back-end systems, and most importantly middleware and security layers.


We develop applications that are on both sides of the spectrum – one end is hybrid-web container based Apps, and on the other end is Native Apps – and everything in between. We offer rich native device capabilities on the following mobile operating systems.
iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android, Blackberry, Windows, Java ME, and Brew.



Middleware is heart of enterprise mobility initiative. Choosing a right middleware depends on several considerations, including devices, business process, bandwidth needs, security, and scalability needs. We offer proven experience in building and deploying large enterprise mobility projects on GoMobile, SAP/Sybase’s SUP & Afaria, and Kony platforms.



Our primary focus in mobile application development is role-based user experience, and we reject the notion that mobile is simply a replacement carrier for web. A good mobile application demands a well designed flow between screens, with as few clicks (or touches) as practical on each screen and across the application.

Our mobile application development methodology goes over the following steps:
Project Preparation – Requirements gathering, wire frames & UI prototyping
Blueprinting / Technical Design – Selection of technologies hybrid/native technologies, work-flows between mobile middleware and back-end systems, definition of custom connectors and work-arounds
Realization / Close – Coding of all modules, complete with unit testing and integration testing, and where applicable, even load testing also.
Pilot / Final Preparation – Setting up deployment environment for on-premise or on-cloud environments, User acceptance testing, and pilot roll-out (or parallel runs)
Rollout / Go Live – Step-wise rollout of the solution, in line with client’s needs and expectations
Post Go Live Support – Where required, provide level 2 and 3 support on the custom application and underlying components.

Going Mobile ?

See how you compare when it comes to planning and deploying mobility. Digiknots will help you for business process withoutd distrubing current system you are using. Contact us

SAP Mobility for Enterprises in India

Beginning Quote With SAP Enterprise Mobility, we can now manage complex customer interactions and contact information easily , as well as run our service processes more efficiently from anywhere.
Sung Park
Manager, Information Systems
Sharp Korea
Ending Quote

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